Host a Screening

Suzanne is hosting and presenting screenings globally. A screening can easily be paired with a yoga workshop or a Q&A sessions. Please contact Suzanne if your would like to host such an event at your studio, theater or institution. The fee for a screening is $200, which includes licensing and permission to screen the film, as well as the ability to charge the public. Suzanne will actively promote on the Yoga Is website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. If you would like to purchase 20 DVDs for $250 to sell at the event or your studio, the screening fee is $100.

For studio, community or theatrical screenings send an email to  to work out licensing and pricing.

Thank you for your support of YOGA IS!

Suzanne Bryant


Previous Screenings

Tibet House New York 

Soho House New York 

Mill Valley CA- Cinemark Theater Thursday 

Indian International Film Festival – FL  

Roxie Theater | San Francisco 

Huntington Arts Cinema | Huntington, CA 

Ishta Yoga New York

Jivamukti Yoga with Sharon Gannon and David Life and Russell Simmons for Q and A

Biosphere Theater | South Africa 
Laemle Theater | Santa Monica, CA 
Atha Yoga | Zurich, Switzerland
Spirit Film Festival | Tel Aviv 
Rising Lotus Yoga Studio | Sherman Oaks, CA 
Sakti Yoga | Frankfurt, Germany 
Catalyst Film+Salon Series at Tin Pan Theater | Bend, Oregon 

Screening fee: $200 

Shipping and handling: $10