It is an absolute wonderful film to watch, not only as an avid yoga practitioner, but as a person; a human being with fears, frustrations and questions about the practice and philosophy of yoga.

“I want this film to be healing for people,” [Bryant] says. “I’ve heard stories from people telling me they keep the audio on loop in their car as a reminder to stay present. It’s very touching. I know yoga has helped many people, and if I can keep that moving forward, that would be a great gift.”

[Suzanne knew] that the one place she was finding a little peace was on her yoga mat, and that made her wonder: What is yoga? How does it work? How does it create this sense of calm within the chaos, and what makes it so powerful?

As a filmmaker Bryant decided to document the importance of practicing yoga amidst moments of anxiety, chaos or sorrow such as the ones she had to face when her mother of 57-year-old mother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. Bryant knew where to turn: yoga.

Normally we give you the top DVD’s to sweat to, but to celebrate National Yoga Month, this flick is our top pick for discovering your true self through yoga.

Suzanne went on to create an inspirational documentary about the healing power of yoga. She spoke to yoga teachers all around the world — from Los Angeles to New York City to India — about what makes yoga a transformational journey, and the result is a powerful and inspiring story of how yoga offers all of us meaning in our lives when we need it most.

After she lost her mother to cancer, filmmaker Suzanne Bryant travels to India to study yoga, Ayurveda, and Bhakti looking for answers. Upon her return, she decides to dig deeper and see how yoga is transforming lives in the United States.

An inspiring new film about the transformational power of yoga. Global theatrical screenings of YOGA IS have sold out throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and South Africa. The film is being praised for its healing power.

As with any emerging trend there are a number of charlatans among the helpful disciples; a sincere inquiry conducted in the open, vulnerably and with a lighthearted seriousness is a welcome addition to the text and subtext. Suzanne Bryant’s contribution stands as the latter.

After her mother’s death, and still carrying her immense grief, she set out to explore yoga, from its roots to its modern application, to better understand the transformative powers of this mystical practice.

We are a society based on desires and wants, and these often distract us from what is really important. We all search for moments of peace, and yoga gives us that peace, which ultimately is freedom.

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